The People’s Legal Center will provide four types of services:

  • Care Management and Referral Services
  • Legal Education
  • Affordable Legal Representation and Advice
  • Notary Public and Loan Signing Services

1) Care Management and Referral Services
The Legal Center provides case management services whereby a qualified Care Manager will interview the client and analyze his or her needs. The Care Manager will then conduct an assessment of the types of resources and services that may be appropriate for the client. If a client needs legal advice or representation then the Care Manager may refer the client to a staff or affiliate attorney. If the client’s situation does not merit retaining the services of an attorney, he or she may continue to meet with the Care Manager or attend legal educational workshops and classes until the problem or situation is resolved.

The Legal Center provides an internal referral service that includes an overview of a client’s needs and subsequent referral to a member attorney based on location, area of law, and special services offered. Additionally, the Legal Center provides external referral services that also involve an assessment of a client’s needs. If the attorneys at the Legal Center cannot assist the client then the client will be referred to an outside network of legal nonprofit organizations based on location, area of law, and special services offered.

2) Legal Education
Attorneys or qualified facilitators/teachers will be teaching legal workshops and classes at the Legal Center. The workshops and classes can be used as school credit for the participants or facilitators and teachers.

 Each workshop will include:

  • 1-2 Facilitators
  • Lesson plans and Outlines
  • Materials and Supplies

 Each workshop/class will allow participants an opportunity to learn legal terms/concepts, such as those involving negligence, duties of professionals, and liability issues.

 Each workshop/class unit will focus on a specialized law topic such as Business Law, Criminal Law, Immigration law, Juvenile Law, or Real Estate Law.

The Legal Center will provide related books, CDs, and/or tapes to participants and community members to help them enhance or supplement their learning. Attorneys or facilitators and teachers will recommend the materials including reading lists.

3) Legal Advice and Representation and Legal Forms
Depending on the Care Manager’s recommendation and assessment of the client’s needs, the Legal Center attorneys may provide relevant legal forms and advice on how to complete and file the forms. Also, based on the client’s case, the attorneys may offer legal advice or provide legal representation in court.

Services offered by the Legal Center with respect to legal forms and legal service fees will be determined by a sliding scale that based a person’s income. Where possible, the Legal Center will offer these services at no charge to its clients.

4) Notary Public and Loan Signing Services
Legal Center staff are members of the National Notary Association of Professional Notaries and Certified Signing Agents. Fees may apply for public notarization and loan signing services.

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